Dragon part

Here's three images from the dragon part of my short. Promise I'm working on it. I'm just really slow- I'm working on that too.

Digging up old drawings

So cleaning out my office I found some old sketches I did when I think I was a bit stressed out. I have a couple here of my wife - we were planning our wedding and I had thought of a couple strips to write about that, but never actual drew them. So this was my attempt at figuring out how I would draw us.
But also I was getting pretty sick of getting sick at the time. I have Crohn's and I remember at this point it really felt it ran my life. So here are just a couple drawings of my stomach as a monster with spikes that can grow bigger and smaller depending on the level of pain. I don't picture my stomach as a scary monster, I think he can be cute, but just a big baby loves to throw fits at the most inopportune times.