Because you asked... Album cover

So my uncle is distributing his own CD from his site this Holiday Season. www.scottkreitzermusic.com He asking me to design the artwork for the album. So this is what the finished product should look like.

This was an initial draft I had submitted - this is just too see how the direction changed just a little with the desire for more photographs etc.


hunting for that unicorn

Xmas spirit- unused

The Bees - I felt for them

I'm gonna break this Unicorn

Spencer versus the Lion

Wedding Art

It all started when I was unemployed and broke and I didn't have the funds to buy my friend anything on her registry. Instead I made a Warhol print of her and her husband to be. Suddenly it was a thing as my friends got married they all demanded art. So I've continued to duplicate pop art added a personal twist incorporating the couple. Even when my brother got married he demanded something to hang on his wall- so I threw them into a vintage cowboy poster.

It has been fun to study the works of great artists I admire and make a weak attempt to duplicate their style. My next task will be to create my own signature style. But actually I can't wait for the day I get to buy a toaster like everyone else.

Because you asked..,

This is just a bunch of freelance stuff- from banners to logos - a DVD cover. Basically I've been asked to do a lot of random design work here and there- thought I would add it.


fighting my inner creatures

So I started a blog. I've been told to share my drawings with the universe, but it has been hard to build up the courage to actually do it. I know there is an amazing artist community out on the web which has been proven to be extremely welcoming and supportive. Yet something in me has resisted for quite a while. That resistance I think is just me. I was never sure I had anything worthy of an audience.

But I've come to realize that blogging is just a great archive. Currently I worry so much about the archiving the work of the artists around me that I tend to neglect the doodles, thoughts, and sketches I have. They just stack up and eventually I fall out of love with them and then I pitch them. But here I can actually capture that moment in time.

So I'm gonna forget about sharing the things that I think are worthy. I'm gonna just try sharing. This is what I'm working on currently- or this is a project I did for someone's birthday- or this was a doodle at my desk of a mouse, just because. I call it brain farts and thought bubbles, because who knows what I'll post.