fighting my inner creatures

So I started a blog. I've been told to share my drawings with the universe, but it has been hard to build up the courage to actually do it. I know there is an amazing artist community out on the web which has been proven to be extremely welcoming and supportive. Yet something in me has resisted for quite a while. That resistance I think is just me. I was never sure I had anything worthy of an audience.

But I've come to realize that blogging is just a great archive. Currently I worry so much about the archiving the work of the artists around me that I tend to neglect the doodles, thoughts, and sketches I have. They just stack up and eventually I fall out of love with them and then I pitch them. But here I can actually capture that moment in time.

So I'm gonna forget about sharing the things that I think are worthy. I'm gonna just try sharing. This is what I'm working on currently- or this is a project I did for someone's birthday- or this was a doodle at my desk of a mouse, just because. I call it brain farts and thought bubbles, because who knows what I'll post.

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